Former Australian Olympian Michael Klim started his skincare brand 8 years ago and is now rebranding it, deepening the connection of the range to its founder. Michael recently spoke with Men’s Style.

The range was called Milk but is now Klim – why did you undertake a rebrand?

About a year ago we decided we wanted to keep evolving. Some of the feedback we’d got was that males don’t necessarily realise that I’m very hands-on with the brand and designed the range as its founder so we decided to make the connection stronger with the rebranded range called Klim by Milk & Co.

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Train Like Michael Klim

Ex-Olympian Michael Klim’s love of fitness began from a very young age: “I think I actually learnt to swim around the same time that I learnt to walk,” said Klim who grew up in Melbourne, Australia. “ I had a very transient lifestyle growing up and while our family moved around all of the time, swimming and sport were the constant, consistent and stable part of my life that I could always rely on.”

Hanging up his goggles 9 years ago, the professional swimmer turned his focus to creating a new line of unisex beauty and lifestyle products, Milk & Co. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Klim gives us a glimpse of the fitness routine he swears by.

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