Spotlight: Rejuvenating Face Masque

With the weather getting colder we often notice that our skin takes a real hit. This makes it even more important to take the extra steps to nourish and protect your bodies’ largest organ.

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Day and Night Skincare

Some of us are morning people, some of us are night people. When it comes to looking after your skin we’re here to tell you – you should be both!

Your skin has different needs at different times of the day. This is why it’s important for you to devote a little bit of time when you wake up and before you go to bed to look after your body’s largest organ – your skin! Whether it’s 5 minutes, 10 minutes or half an hour, every bit of time counts towards you having healthy, glowing skin.

In the morning your skin needs products that protect it from the day ahead and the numerous stressors it’s exposed to such as make up, natural oil production, sun exposure, dirt, bacteria and other environmental pollutants. The above factors are all likely to stress out your skin and encourage free radicals.

What are these free radicals you speak of??
Free radicals are organic molecules responsible for ageing and tissue damage.

How do I fight these nasty things?
By incorporating antioxidants into your diet you not only suppress free radicals but you boost skin protection. The main micronutrient antioxidants are found in Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Beta-Carotene. Beta-Carotene is a precursor to Vitamin A and is present in a number of fruits, vegetables and dairy products. To find out more about these antioxidants and how you can incorporate them into your diet – check out our blog post on healthy eating here. You can also incorporate these vitamins into your skincare routine as many of our products contain Vitamin A, C and E!

Morning essentials:

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  • Cleanse: With lukewarm water, wash your face with a cleanser (our oil based cleanser and cream based face wash are both great for all skin types.) At night your skin secretes toxins, these toxins can interfere with your skincare products and prevent them from working as effectively. It’s important to wash these toxins away –along with any of last night’s products – before you apply your daytime products to ensure maximum absorption.
  • Moisturise: By moisturizing your skin you aid it’s natural barrier to protect it from the elements. Moisturiser evaporates over time so by re-applying morning and night you ensure your skin stays hydrated. Our Ultra Light Moisturisers are great to use every day as they are light and fresh, and provide long lasting hydration.
  • Protect: It’s vital to use a sunscreen daily to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. Even if you spend the majority of your day in an office your skin is exposed to small amounts of sun which can damage your skin. We suggest Face Moisturiser Sunscreen SPF15 for light every day wear, and Sports Moisturiser SPF30 for those who spend long hours in the sun. Remember to reapply!

Night time Essentials

At night your skin is in a reparative state as your body’s cells are being replenished and regenerated. For that reason you should focus on using products that nourish and re-hydrate your skin.

  • Before you hydrate though, you must rid your skin of the day’s dirt and oil with a cleanser, face wash or exfoliating scrub. By washing and cleansing your face you lessen the amount of oil on your skin eliminating the chance for blemish causing bacteria to thrive. We suggest alternating the use of a cleanser and scrub, as it’s important not to over-exfoliate your skin. In doing so you can irritate and dry out your skin, which lessens its protective barrier.
  • At night it’s time to optimize the delivery of raw materials that your skin craves so try a thicker moisturiser that can set in over night. As unlike during the day where you can reapply your moisturiser, at night it’s ideal to use a heavier moisturiser that will provide ultimate hydration while you sleep. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing!
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Lindy Klim talks Milk & Co…

Recently Milk & Co founder Lindy Klim sat down with Beauticate, here we share a few excerpts from her interview including how Milk & Co came to be, as well as her skincare tips and tricks.

Photo by Jake Terrey

Milk from the beginning…

We knew that Klim spelt backwards was Milk and I’d always thought that would be a great name for a skincare brand if we ever had one, so we came up with Milk for Men. Michael was obsessed with skincare because he was always trying to get the chlorine out of his skin, so when he finished swimming we needed to give him something to do!

After we had our first child I kind of stole his packaging and redeveloped everything creating an organic range for children. 18 months ago we launched our women’s range. I never really thought I would do something like that because I thought there was too much competition, but while I was pregnant with our third baby – I was in the supermarket with the kids and I just didn’t have enough time to go to a department store and get my regular cleanser, and there wasn’t anything in the supermarket for me that I felt I could relate to. That’s when I realized my market – I’m a time poor mum, and I shouldn’t have to go out of my way to purchase basic cleansers and moisturisers. So that was our niche, which we only stumbled across accidentally!

My skincare beliefs…

You don’t need a million things to keep your skin looking good. Michael and I both believe that whatever you put inside your body shows on the outside. Now that I’m older I’m noticing it more, everything shows up in your skin, your hair and nails… So we try to eat as clean as possible. In Bali there are many markets where everything is fresh and beautiful, so it’s much easier to eat well.

Photo by Jake Terrey

 My favourite ingredient…

I used coconut oil for absolutely everything, and the best part about coconuts is that you can utilize every part of it so nothing goes to waste. You can use the oil, the milk, the water, everything! Balinese people have been using it forever, and I use it for everything too – I even use the husks in my exfoliating Body Scrub. Coconuts are the best for rehydrating, it permeates my skin and I actually end up smelling like a coconut and I love it! That’s why I love to incorporate a lot of Indonesian or Balinese scents like cinnamon and coconut into my products.

Photo by Jake Terrey

To see all the images and read the full story go to Beauticate’s Lindy Klim profile.

Interview by Sigourney; Compiled by Jasmine Turvey; Photography by Jake Terrey; Hair by Brad Ngata; Makeup by Becca Gilmartin.