Spotlight: Rejuvenating Face Masque

With the weather getting colder we often notice that our skin takes a real hit. This makes it even more important to take the extra steps to nourish and protect your bodies’ largest organ.

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Lindy Klim talks Milk & Co…

Recently Milk & Co founder Lindy Klim sat down with Beauticate, here we share a few excerpts from her interview including how Milk & Co came to be, as well as her skincare tips and tricks.

Photo by Jake Terrey

Milk from the beginning…

We knew that Klim spelt backwards was Milk and I’d always thought that would be a great name for a skincare brand if we ever had one, so we came up with Milk for Men. Michael was obsessed with skincare because he was always trying to get the chlorine out of his skin, so when he finished swimming we needed to give him something to do!

After we had our first child I kind of stole his packaging and redeveloped everything creating an organic range for children. 18 months ago we launched our women’s range. I never really thought I would do something like that because I thought there was too much competition, but while I was pregnant with our third baby – I was in the supermarket with the kids and I just didn’t have enough time to go to a department store and get my regular cleanser, and there wasn’t anything in the supermarket for me that I felt I could relate to. That’s when I realized my market – I’m a time poor mum, and I shouldn’t have to go out of my way to purchase basic cleansers and moisturisers. So that was our niche, which we only stumbled across accidentally!

My skincare beliefs…

You don’t need a million things to keep your skin looking good. Michael and I both believe that whatever you put inside your body shows on the outside. Now that I’m older I’m noticing it more, everything shows up in your skin, your hair and nails… So we try to eat as clean as possible. In Bali there are many markets where everything is fresh and beautiful, so it’s much easier to eat well.

Photo by Jake Terrey

 My favourite ingredient…

I used coconut oil for absolutely everything, and the best part about coconuts is that you can utilize every part of it so nothing goes to waste. You can use the oil, the milk, the water, everything! Balinese people have been using it forever, and I use it for everything too – I even use the husks in my exfoliating Body Scrub. Coconuts are the best for rehydrating, it permeates my skin and I actually end up smelling like a coconut and I love it! That’s why I love to incorporate a lot of Indonesian or Balinese scents like cinnamon and coconut into my products.

Photo by Jake Terrey

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Interview by Sigourney; Compiled by Jasmine Turvey; Photography by Jake Terrey; Hair by Brad Ngata; Makeup by Becca Gilmartin.